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Diprosopus, otherwise known as (Craniofacial Duplication) Is [Greek] meaning "Two faces" 

Diprosopus is a genetic condition caused by the presence of an extra protein (SHH protein) durring the first few weeks of gestation. There have been aproximately 38 cases reported in history. Diprosopus has been depicted in mythology and legends such as The Roman Goddess Janus.

Against All Odds

Tres first trip to Colorado Children's Hospital. 2018

They said, "He wouldn't", "He Couldn't"... I am here to tell you He Has & He Can. After unexpected complications they didn't think Tres would survive the night. That was over fourteen years ago. We have faced many things over the years, none that rival Epilepsy or Ignorance. Our Struggles make us stronger and give us a deeper understanding of life, they are lined with Blessings.

Seizure Soldier

@georgia.toons Canadian Artist, Mother, Cannabis Patient, Advocate, and Friend painted this for Tres

They said "Cannabis isn't medicine"... "There is nothing more we can do for your son." They were Wrong. We had exhausted all treatment options by November 20th 2013, Tres was sent home having over 300-400 seizures a day. Pharmacuticals Legally almost killed him. Cannabis Illegally Saved him. Now he's holding at over 90% seizure reduction for going on four years.

SBSK, Chris Meets Tres

Tres was having a hard week and was surprised by a special visit from SBSK's Chris, we can't wait to meet Alyssa and Noodle too. We love SBSK and thier mission. Everyone deserves to be understood and valued for exactly who they are. We are each different and each have something unique to offer one another. Get to know someone out of your ordinary. You may gain a new point of view, and a new friend.


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Diprosopus Diaries


Tres Anthony Johnson's Journey with Diprosopus & Epilepsy

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